Tanjore is the “Rice bowl of Tamil Nadu” and famous for the Brahadeeswarar Temple. The temple was constructed more than thousand years ago by the King Rajarajan, is an architect’s marvel. It is a flourishing centre for bronze sculpture and painting.
Thanjavur was the royal city of the Cholas, Nayaks and the Mahrattas. Thanjavur was at height of its glory during Rajaraja Cholan. The Big Temple and the other famous temples in the district are known all over the world. Thanjavur was the cultural capital of the country in 1790. Thanjavur gained prominence during the period of Chola Kings, who made it as their capital. It is known as the Granary of the South India lying in the deltaic region of the famous river Cauvery and criss-crossed by lengthy network of irrigation canals.
Thanjavur lies to the east of Trichy and has the reputation as the “Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu”. The Tamil University, set up recently is situated here and is devoted to the growth of Tamil literature and language. One of the best temples in South India, the Brihadeeswarar Temple or the Big Temple built by the greatest Chola emperor Raja Raja Chola, is that dynasty’s finest contribution to Dravidan temple architecture.

Sri Brihadeeswarar Templetan_01

The temple is of the biggest tourist attractions in Tanjore, Built in 10th century AD by the Chola King Rajaraja I, the temple has a tall tower over the sanctum sanctorum and a bronze stupa on top.

The Palacetan_02

Built around 1550 AD by the Nayaks, the palace is an example of fine work of masonry. The complex has a number of rambling buildings, which include quadrangular courtyard, 190 feet high vimana like building etc. The Palace also has the acoustically perfect ancient music hall.

Royal Museumtan_03

The Royal Museum in the palace complex has a mixed collection like manuscripts, weapons, dresses, utensils, musical instruments used by the Royal Family of Thanjavur.


The historical site of Papanasham close to the city of Tanjore. is also one of the tourist attractions in Tanjore. Two temples and a granary built in 1600 – 1634 AD by the Nayaks feature among the tourist attractions in Tanjore.Other tourist attractions in Tanjore include: Schwartz Church, Saraswathi Mahal Library, Rajarajan Mani Mandapam, Tamil University

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